Red Lucifer At Bonosue

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Ch Redoaks Rapidfire By Fleet Street

Mac Rua's Fire Flower

Cocksure Tsunami

Ch Fleet St For Me And My Gal


Ch Kells Tulsa Twister

Kells Cocksure Hail Storm

Penmire Fintona

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Hay Tinsell Town

Ch Brazan Slippery Jack

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Sidewater Master Cruiser

Inchicore Devon Dawn

Welcome to Sweden!

Louie "Red Lucifer At Bonosue" is visiting Sweden for a year, staying at O'Rowanne and co-borrowed with Mr Lennart Ståhle (Shallcome). He is born in 2017 and have despite his young age gained a show champion title in the UK, as well as BOB at Irish Terrier Speciality (45 entries) in 2018 and Best In Show 4 at National Terrier spring 2019.

Thanks to Mr Ian Hardman for trusting him with us!

Louie is tested clear for hereditary footpad hyperkeratosis


I see no point in a walk without a dog.

Like a play with no plot, music without song.

Yet I want no lofty thoughts to pierce the fog

Of my mind’s muddle as I trudge along.

I like to be amused and look around

And feel the constant irritation of a dog

It saves the need for projects more profound.

“Leave it you fool – I’ll never lift that log

For you to chase. Come here for heaven’s sake.

He’s bigger than you. Don’t tug, sit down, now lie.”

This is enough. No words of love or fate.

No gasping at the beauty of the sky.

For we are friends – between us there’s no vanity.

And therein rests my joy, my peace, my sanity.

Lucy Jackson (http://weloveirishterriers.com)




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